People in every election place millions of votes to their elected representatives. Unfortunately, people do not aware of their diplomat’s capabilities, skills, and proficiency. Thus, If we give votes to our elected parliamentarians following qualities must contain:

1-The representative should be loyal, sincere, and patriotic with his country.

2- The candidate should be well educated and able to communicate with the people.

3- The nominee should be well-informed of the problems of citizens of the state.

4-The candidate should be honest, reliable, and highly moral.

5- The representative should be hardworking and hard labor.

6-The candidate should have political experience.

7-The contender should be a justice lover and also a Socialist.

8-The nominee should be thought only for the betterment of the state and its citizens.

9-The representative should have a characteristic to bear the criticism of the opposition.

10-The aspirant should give priority to matters of national interest as compare to personal interest.

11-The contender should not be habitual of the protocol.

12- The candidate should have the quality to stand over his statements.

13-The candidate should have a motto to give basic needs like water, gas, electricity, health, shelter, education, jobs and such other.

14- The nominee should give autonomy to the institutions of the state.

15- The representative should far away from promoting nepotism in the country.



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Hey! My name is Naqi Raza and I am from The land of Pure. I am a blog writer and I love to give opinions and perceptions on current affairs through blogging.